Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is it Lupus? Heck, i'll just sew.

Many of my friends know that i have had some serious health issues for the past 3 years or so.  I have been dealing with massive fatigue, all over body pain and many other odd symptoms.  I have seen my family doctor and a specialist.  I have had so much blood drawn for tests that they might be able to make a new me in a lab somewhere.  Doctors say Fibromyalgia... or at least they did for awhile.  Now my doctor is suggesting it's Lupus or some other auto-immune condition.  I tend to agree.

An interesting phenomenon has been occurring for the past three months.  My son started Kindergarten this year and has been bringing every nasty ick he can find - home, to us.  Before getting "sick" 3 years ago, i would get every cold or flu going around.  Now, for some reason, i seem to have a higher resistance to these colds and flus.  I know that this is not the average for people with immune issues and that many people get sick easier but that's what it's been like for me.  Not only do i not get the colds that are going around as easily, but when i do, i actually feel BETTER than before i got sick with the cold.  Right now for example, i am in the throes of a bad Lupus (?) flare-up and then got the flu.  THE FLU! I still feel BETTER with the flu than i did before.  I am sick, sneezing, icky in the stomach and all of that but lo and behold, my legs are not feeling like i have been beaten with a baseball bat in the middle of the night.  My joints are not heavy and sore like they were before.  The worst symptom of my Lupus/Fibro/whatever the heck it is, is the fatigue.  I am not a human being, i *AM* a human doing, so fatigue is the worst thing in the world to me.  Yet, even while being beaten about the sinuses with a nasty flu bug, i have energy that i have not had in over a week.  How crazy is that?

I have been gearing up for the Christmas season by knitting and sewing gifts for family.  We are trying to keep the holidays simple and stay away from the big box stores as much as possible.  I have been buying fun things on Etsy and even some gently used items that make great gifts, like picture frames.  Our terrifically horrid pink Christmas tree is up and it fills my heart with sweet cupcakey tacky joy.

I have been sewing away on some lovely HUGE knitting needle totes too.  They seem to sell well.  People ask me why the pockets are on the outside but i find this lets me get to all the tools i have quickly without getting my wools tangled with the needles.

 I designed mine because i just couldn't find the size of bag that i wanted.  Here is a custom order in progress.

These take me about 4 hours to make from the cutting to the finishing work and require about 3 meters of various fabrics.  I make next to nothing on them but i just love making them... knowing that other knitters out there will have the ultimate huge bag to carry a sweater or blanket or a huge stash of yarn around with them.  They even have room for your Kobo.  I have recently started making them for crocheters too.

Doing all this sewing and the various knitting projects i have helps me deal with the pain.  If i can feel productive, then i don't feel so guilty for the time i spend lying on the couch in my snuggie while watching bad daytime judge shows or repeats of CSI.  Oh the shame. ; )


quinn said...

Your bags are very nice! I like the design...pockets on the outside makes a lot of sense :)

squarejane said...

Thanks so much Quinn. i know the pockets on the outside seems odd to many as they are afraid that items may fall out, but i have yet to have that happen. pockets on the inside of a bag seemed awkward to me as it's hard to see your tools and i like to carry a lot of yarn and projects. i have a smaller bag i take with me on short trips but i take this big monster with me on overnight trips etc.

[ j ]